As you know, in any kind of human activity there are a lot of nuances and details, at first glance unimportant and insignificant, but as a result, play a very important role. In this article, you will find extremely useful tips that will help you avoid unnecessary hassle and make your stay in the Czech Republic more comfortable.

Before sign any rental agreement, please ask our employees how to act in case of an accident, theft or car breakdown, or read the corresponding article on the website, in advance. In addition, write down the emergency numbers of our company. Do not forget that you need to contact the company as quickly as possible, so do not postpone the call for later. If you are in an accident, take a few photographs of the consequences on your mobile phone or camera.

The insurance of the car does not mean permissiveness of behavior behind the wheel, in case of your direct fault in an accident (alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, and etc.), you will be the financially responsible for car repairs. Do not leave rental and insurance documents in the vehicle, because, in the case of theft, this will lead to difficulties that will affect both you and our company.

The car rental price is reduced with an increase in the lease term, but the return of a rented car must be made at the date specified in the contract, and within working hours, otherwise, you will have to pay a certain amount. In your contract will be indicated the address and working hours of the head office.

It is also worth to know that by using the car rental companies at the airport, you will spend 20% more than in our company. When you return the car directly to the airport, it is best to follow those recommendations:
1) Arrive at the airport in advance.
2) At the airport, follow the signs “Check out”.

Check up the interior of a vehicle on the presence of the personal things you have forgotten. According to statistics, 50% of the customers leave mobile phones, cameras, and important documents. Also, based on our check, you should be given an appropriate certificate, in which will be written: “the car was given to you in the same condition as when you rented it”. Keep a copy of the contract with the company, which indicated there is no claim from the company.