The transport company “Car-Praga” welcomes you on its official website. We are pleased to offer you a wide range of services, including car rental, transfers, excursions throughout Europe. A huge number of tourists from different countries choose a pre-arranged transfer from Prague airport to relieve themselves of unnecessary troubles associated with finding a hotel, language barrier with a taxi driver, in order to avoid unpleasant situations related to ignorance of the city and the country as a whole. In short, intending to visit Prague, it makes sense to pre-order a transfer. To our clients, we offer a full range of transfer services. Transfer in Prague includes a meeting at the airport with the name tag, delivery to the Prague hotel or to any other location in Europe. The Czech Republic remains the most attractive country for tourism in Europe. The reason for this is the competent policy of the local government, which for a long time fight against Euro currency, and, as recent events show, it is absolutely correct. The Czech Republic well know as a country with moderate prices, which significantly affects the incoming of the tourist’s flow. In addition, tourists who come to the Czech Republic do not want to be limited by Prague, they are trying to cover as many cities in Europe as possible. Therefore, the service provided by our company, such as the transfer in Prague, is becoming increasingly popular at the moment.

Transfer in Prague is a pre-ordered organization of individual or group transportation of customers arriving to the Prague in the picked place by passengers on a pre-selected car at a fixed price (for example, from the airport, bus station Florenc or Prague railway station: to the hotel, boarding house, apartments, business meeting or exhibition). Our Customers can be delivered to any place in Europe. You can take care of everything in advance and order a return transfer, we will take you from the hotel to Prague airport. In addition, our company, at the request of the client, provided tours around Prague, as well as other Europe cities with multilingual guides. Our company employs only highly qualified and competent employees who will be glad to help you to feel the true charm of Europe. We will meet you at the airport and with the maximum comfort deliver you to the preselected hotel and organize for you any, even the most exotic tours in Europe with the involvement of the most professional guides. Transfer in Prague and All excursions can be conducted in German, English, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Turkish and Chinese. Settled in one of the hotels or in the apartments of Prague, you can safely travel around all the most famous historical cities and castles of the Czech Republic, where everything is reminding the old days, and visit such wonderful European cities as Vienna, Dresden, Munich, Strasbourg, of course, the capital of Holland and France. If you decide to get some spa procedures and combine it with rest, then at your service SPA. The Best resorts of the Czech Republic are Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy Lázně, Podebrady, Teplice, Jáchymov, Jeseník and many others. We care about the safety and comfort of our customers, that why transfer services are provided only by experienced drivers, with many years of experience and impeccable driver’s reputation. Also, we use only safe and comfortable cars.

Cer hire in Prague also plays an important role for tourists coming to the Czech Republic who want to travel independently in any direction they need. After all, when planning a trip, we do not always dare to bring our car with us, it is rather costly and inconvenient. Although it is much easier to move on your own car than on public transport. Therefore, the best option is to hire a car, which will avoid the numerous tedious customs procedures associated with moving the car across the border. For business people, a car rental is provided with a driver.After the end of the working day and settle all business issues, Euro tour will give you an unforgettable experience, we will provide you with the list of restaurants, bars and the most delicious beer in the city. If you choose the Czech Republic as the main country, then we guarantee that if you use our services, every day your stay in this fabulous land, will be unforgivable and we will provide you a amazing program. In addition, group tours are organized for lovers of large companies and new acquaintances. Here you can meet people from all over the world and spend time in the company of new acquaintances.

Transfer in Prague is designed for a fairly large audience of people visiting the heart of the Czech Republic, the Slavic Paris, as the poetess, Svintsova Galina called it. Old Czech legends come to life here. Prague is a protected place, ancient, full of magic. We will be able to acquaint you with the city and support your plans, but the main thing is, Prague will become much closer to you, it will remain forever in your heart, in your thoughts and you will certainly want to come back here again and again. Employes of “Car-Praga” will gladly answer to any of your questions related to Europe or the Czech Republic, and it doesn’t matter you are our client or not. Feedback will be provided through e-mail and telephone. Cooperation will be built on a contractual basis. We provide exceptionally high-quality service, which is confirmed by the company’s long existence in the transportation services market and a large number of clients who remained satisfied with the work of our company. Whether it is an excursion, car rental or transfer, our company will provide it to you at the top level by satisfying all customer requirements. For you, the main task is to choose a car and a route, and we will do the rest. You can send an application for car rental online to our e-mail address or ask any questions directly in the chart. For more information about transfers, excursions, as well as prices for them, look at the price page. With us, you will reach your destination quickly and within an affordable price, as well as get an unforgettable experience of your stay in Prague.

No Destination Price, EUR
(up to 8 people)
1 Airport (Prague) - Hotel (Prague-Center) 35
2 Prague - Castles of the middle Bohemia (Karlstein, Krivoklat, Konopishte, Shternberk, Sikhrov, etc.) for each castle 90
3 Prague - Terezin (concentration camp of the Second World War) 80
4 Prague - Castles Orlik-Zvykov in South Bohemia. 140
5 Prague - Teplice 90
6 Prague - Karlovy Vary + 4 hours waiting 160
7 Prague - Plzen 130
8 Prague - Detenice, Medieval Inn, show from 7 to 10 pm, except Sun and Mon. 160
9 Prague - Kutna Hora 160
10 Prague-Liberec 120
11 Prague - Spindleruv Mlyn 190
12 Prague - Jindrichuv Hradec, with a reservation in Cervena Lhota 150
13 Prague - Marianske Lazne 150
14 Prague-Hodová Plana (beer baths) 145
15 Prague - Frantiskovy Lazne 150
16 Prague - Telc, Trebic, Tábor (City of Unesco) /td> 150
17 Prague - Cesky Krumlov 170
18 Prague-Brno 190
19 Prague - Brno + The Macocha Ditch, the caves Punkevni Jeskyne 210
20 Prague - Ostrava 300
21 Prague - Pardubice 120
22 Prague - Podebrady 80
1 Prague - Dresden 160
2 Prague - Leipzig 250
3 Prague - Nuremberg 250
4 Prague-Berlin 270
5 Prague-Bamberg 270
6 Prague-Munich 270
7 Prague - Frankfurt am Main 450
8 Prague - Baden-Baden 350
9 Prague - Hamburg, Rostock 390
10 Prague - Bavarian Alpine castles of Ludwig II 400
11 Prague - Munich - Bavarian Alpine castles of Ludwig II 450
12 Prague - Rothenburg ob der Tauber 390
13 Prague - Dusseldorf, Cologne 450
14 Prague - Würzburg 390
1 Prague - Linz 250
2 Prague - Vienna 250
3 Prague - Salzburg + Berchtesgaden + Kenigssee 400
4 Prague - Parndorf. Shopping tour to Parndorf Outlet Center 270