It is quite easy to rent a car, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to carefully study and understand correctly the T&C. It is transparent, understandable, and expedient and exhaustively explains all possible situations. Each condition is aimed to resolve every aspect of the interaction between the company and the client. So, you can rent a car if you are +19 years old and driving experience is more than 2 years. There is a possibility of several drivers, but this must be indicated in the contract. Of course, by default, each driver should have a driver’s license. Minimum disposal time is 24 h., maximum – an unlimited amount of time, so the period specified in the contract and can be extended in writing.

Return of the car should be on time or in case of prolonging, the contract should be renewed at the office ( it is possible to be late with a return only for one hour and all subsequent time of overdrafting will be punished with a fine and payment for each new day at current rates.) A long delay and non-contact with the company can be determined, as a car theft, and this is already a criminal liability. Also, it is worthwhile to know that premature returning of the car will not lead to cash compensation for unused rental time. It is necessary to say that in T&C of car rental, is a mandatory refundable security deposit. The purpose of this type of duty is simple: from its amount, fines are levied, and it is a guarantee that vehicle will be returned on time. We are inspecting and creating a protocol, and indicate the external, internal damages of the vehicle. This is necessaty, to exclude the possibility of misunderstanding. At the time of issuing the vehicle, the fuel tank is full. You need to return a full tank as well. The fuel that is used by the company is Natural 95 gasoline. It is very important to understand that all requirements to the driver, whether compliance with traffic rules, basic safety precautions, etc., apply to any driver of a rented vehicle.

Before signing a contract, it is necessary to discuss the possibility of traveling outside the Czech Republic. Countries that you plan to visit must be entered into the contract. It is also forbidden to travel to the states of the former USSR, Yugoslavia, and Albania. Insurance is for every vehicle and the principle of payment for any insurance cases is the same as for a private car. At your fault, which implies non-compliance with traffic rules, negligence when handling a vehicle and other violations of contract rules, compensation for damage will lie on your shoulders.