In this article, we will tell you how to rent a vehicle. Rent a car in Prague is quite a simple procedure in nowadays. On the same site, you can easily find the contacts of our company and get all the necessary information about the range of cars and details of the lease agreement. By using the services of our website, you can also book your chosen car online. You just need to provide all the necessary information (date, time, personal data, a model of the selected car). Using the online-order form, you deprive yourself of the need to conduct unnecessary operations. Furthermore, you will arrive in the Czech Republic with full confidence that you will spend your vacation accordingly your plan.

To rent a car, you must have on hand a certain package of documents. From all drivers who will manage the rental vehicle, we need a passport, driver’s license and driving experience up to 1 year. Before signing the contract, carefully study all the current tariffs, the pricing policy depends on the car rental period. Also, ask managers about current promotions, which can significantly lower the final price.

Our cars are insured for almost all occasions, but you do not need to understand this wrong. This fact completely not allowing permissiveness in using the vehicle, because, in case of your negligence or indisputable car accident fault, financial responsibility will fall on you. About all the conditions of insurance, you will be told in detail by our manager, and your task is to take seriously the information you have received.

All cars of our company are provided in excellent technical condition, but in order to avoid any misunderstandings, our employee together with the client inspect the car. When you receive a car, you also receive a phone number of the technical support service, and in case of a car breakdown (but not an accident!), You will be able to solve all of the problems with us. If the car is faulty, you will be given another one. As you can see, it is only a matter of a few simple operations to rent a car in the modern world, but you should take it seriously.