Unfortunately, the accident is a common thing, and the algorithm for dealing with an accident on a rented car is quite similar to the procedure with the personal car. Getting into an accident is a stressful situation, and the inexperienced driver may simply forget what needs to be done. To help you understand the actions which have to be done after an accident plus maximally ease the order of interactions with the insurance company – is the purpose of this article. We will analyze actions after the road accident step by step.

First, you must be sure that no one is hurt (this applies to all participants of the accident), and in the opposite case, immediately call an ambulance. Then install an emergency stop sign (complete set will be provided) in order to avoid problems with the traffic police. It is completely forbidden to move the vehicle before drawing up a protocol and preparing all the necessary documents.

Secondly, contact and inform the renting company by telling the time, the place of the accident and damages. Your next step is to call the police. Do not try to “solve everything on the spot” without the involvement of law enforcement agencies, because then it will be absolutely impossible to obtain insurance and all repairs will be paid from your wallet.

Thirdly, record the data of all participants, including passengers. If the were any witnesses it is necessary to record their data as well. In the disputable cases, their testimony will be helpful. At the time of drawing up the protocol, pay attention to the fact that all of the damages were recorded in the protocol, And again in case of missing damage at the police protocol, the insurance company will not allocate money for the corresponding repair.

After drawing up the protocol, the accident scheme and filling in all the necessary forms, you need to remove the car from the carriageway. If the car cannot be moved, then your task is to remove it from the road by yourself. The Broken car will be picked up by the evacuator, called by our company. The police protocol of the incident you must send to the car rental company. Based on this document, all further payments will be made. Remember. The most important thing in a traffic accident is to remain calm and do not panic.