Answer: If you have previously provided our company with the necessary information about the flight, we will be able to track the time of arrival. In case of a long delay, you will need to contact us and we will provide you feather information. In case of cancellation of the flight, immediately inform us about that, otherwise, you will have to pay.

Answer: You can cancel your reservation by e-mail, or by phone + 420-605-237-801. If the cancellation is made 72 hours before the lease, it is free of charge. The customer’s deposit is returned to the client. In case of the refusal is received less than 72 hours prior to the commencement of the contract, the fine will be taken from your deposit (100%). If you do not cancel the reservation, do not arrive at the pickup location and do not rent a car, and do not inform us, the penalty is 100% of the order value.

Answer: A voucher is a car rental agreement between you and the service provider. The voucher provided by our company must be presented upon receipt of the car at the pickup location. The voucher indicates that you have partially paid for a car rental service in Prague or a transfer in Prague and have booked a car. It is a guarantee of the price and the receipt of the car. If the reservation is canceled, the voucher is not valid.

Answer: In this case, it is necessary to contact our company by phone + 420-605-237-801 and we will restore your reservation number or send a copy of the voucher.

Answer: The minimum rental period is 24 hours. If you wish to rent a car for a shorter period, then any way you would need to pay full amount.

Answer: The cars presented on our website are insured against the risks of CASCO and OSAGO. In the event of an accident, the lessee is liable for damages. The driver of a rented car must call the police and document the accident, and immediately call us on the phone + 420-605-237-001.

Answer: while using car rental services in Prague the car must be returned in the same condition as it was leased. A small mass is acceptable. In case that the car is too messy inside and outside, the company has the right to charge for cleaning.

Answer: The driver’s age must be at least 20 years old; the minimum driving experience is 2 years. The maximum age of the driver is 75 years.

Answer: Yes! In this case, you need to add a second driver to the car rental contract.

Answer: Please let us know by phone + 420-605-237-001. You will be replaced by an equivalent car.

Answer: First of all it you need to contact our company, if you do not do this and do not warn us about the delay, then we can declare the car on the wanted list. If you delay the return of the car for less than 12 hours, you will have to pay 60% of the daily price. If the delay is more than 12 hours, it is already 100% of the daily price.

Answer: Yes, of course, we set up navigation for you in your chosen language and show you how to use it.

Answer: In Prague, delivery and return of the car are free of charge. For an additional fee, which will depend on the distance from Prague, you can return the car in another city or country.

Answer: Payment and deposit for the car must be made before the car has been rented.

Answer: All prices (individual, group, transfers) can be found in the section Transfers and excursions.

Answer: Yes, you can. But there may be a number of difficulties, so it’s better to order in advance, it’s very easy to do. More information by phone + 420-605-237-801.